Great line from judge who dismissed Faulkner case v. ‘Midnight in Paris’

For someone like me, toiling like a serf (that’s “serf,” not “surf”) in the field of lawsuits, any funny line, pun, quote, whatever is like a good cookie after elaborate cuisine.

I thank David Itzkoff in The New York Times for handing me that cookie.

So — although of course I am reporting seriously on the case of the group that owns the rights to William Faulkner’s work and their lawsuit against Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” because Owen Wilson quoted, and cited, Faulkner in one line of dialogue in the film — what I love is the federal judge’s terrific, funny and (sort of) culturally and literately acute phrase in dismissing the case:

Having viewed “Midnight in Paris” and read “Requiem for a Nun” in the course of the case, [Chief] Judge [Michael P.] Mills wrote that the court was “thankful that the parties did not ask the court to compare ‘The Sound and the Fury’ with ‘Sharknado.’”

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