Greetings from New York, a proud anarchist city!

I’m figuring all of you are curious about what anarchy looks like, because I, for one, didn’t know what it looked like until Trump called us an anarchist city.

Just about to go to my window to see how this anarchy is going. For one thing, it’s a blue sky flecked with a few white clouds. So the street is well lit by the sun. Ergo, nothing going on out there is obscured by Dark Shadows.

The first thing I observe is…my windowsill and the two small plants I was given a few years ago (I don’t care for plants indoors but they are live things and I’m bound to keep them that way). They look pretty dusty, because I didn’t water them yesterday when I was supposed to. So I just took a break from anarchy to water the plants. And while doing so, I spot an anarchic tendency in the orchid, which is shoving out unattractive tendrils willy-nilly but producing no flowers. It’s saying to me, “Not this year, not in this city, no way.”

Back to the window. Immediately I spot an act of anarchy! A man focused exclusively on his smart phone wanders quite slowly across the middle of the four-lane road. That’s a jaywalk, for sure. No cops showed up and no car whacked him. (In case NYPD’s anti-anarchy division is reading this, the guy is walking south on West End Avenue. He’s not wearing camo.)

Across the street there’s a funky terrace on top of the roof of a townhouse, where the resident occasionally has gatherings. Usually at night. Although the terrace is strategically positioned for things to be anarchically thrown off it — I’d suggest water balloons, but that’s just me — nobody’s out there right now. I’ll keep a vigilant eye on it later, as it grows dark.

So, nothing anarchic is going on up here on the upper West Side. And we who live up here are an anarchic bunch. I myself have participated in a number of mass protests and marches terminating at Trump International Hotel at the corner of Central Park. We chanted and raised banners and placards. We were surrounded by policemen. I don’t think they were in riot gear but that is probably a serious dis of us protesters. What? We don’t look dangerous enough for the NYPD?

Now, let me find out where all this NYC anarchy is going on today.

Well, lots of protests and marches but back in June, not today. I tried again. And, yes, in the New York Post (which is a Trump propaganda rag, i.e., not a real newspaper) there are protest stories. A woman “protester” in Rochester got arrested for “being an idiot,” according to the arresting forces. She was crashing a press conference, presumably about the Daniel Prude death at the hands of Rochester cops.

Also, there’s a climate protest in London, another anarchy city. (By the way, Rochester is in New York State, in case you’re getting dislocated. See map, below:)

New York: Facts, Map and State Symbols -

That’s it for now. From Anarchy Central, I am your strictly factual friend, Naomi Fein.


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