Guns in America, an up-to-date compilation. I think

Most of this news we all know but there are two or three details that surprised me. See if you can spot them.

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

An 84-year-old white man whose grandson described him as “sit[ting] and watch[ing] Fox News all day every day” was released on bond after shooting a black teenager who had come to his front porch by mistake. An upstate New Yorker who barked at neighbors’ dogs was charged with murder after shooting a woman who accidentally turned into his driveway. A Texan shot two competitive cheerleaders after one of them opened his car door, thinking it was her own, and a North Carolinian shot a six-year-old and her parents after a basketball rolled into his yard. A note left behind by the perpetrator of a mass shooting at a Louisville, Kentucky, bank revealed that part of his goal was to show how easy it is for a person with serious mental illness to get a gun, and, less than a month after a mass shooting at a Christian school, Tennessee state Republicans ended their legislative session without taking action on firearms. As part of a fundraiser, Idaho Republicans auctioned off “trigger time” with Kyle Rittenhouse.

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