Guns in America, and the people who stockpile them

Odd how stories like this no longer make me gasp in horror and/or surprise. But this one does point out how such gun-lovin’ sorts are an interesting and toxic combination of (1) stupid and (2) crazy. The (2) crazy detail is obvious; the (1) stupid one…well, where this guy was assembling his armory, that’s pretty (1) stupid. And, sure, (2) crazy. I’d love to hear his explanation, except no, I wouldn’t.

My gratitude, as always, to Kevin Underhill, Master of the great blog Lowering The Bar, for providing this nasty tale:

Why was the marketing director of a hospital stockpiling weapons at work? That’s not the first line of what would surely be a terrible joke, he was actually doing that. Police found the weapons while searching the hospital after a bomb threat. There was no bomb, but there was a marketing director with 39 guns in his closet. The report says police “declined to provide details” as to “what he might have planned to do” with the guns. One potential answer to that question, “shoot somebody,” seems less likely to me given the number of guns involved, just because in my experience it’s hard to shoot more than two at once. In any event, one of the guns was allegedly an illegal assault rifle under New Jersey law, so police arrested the man.

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