“Guns in Your Face”

How would you react if the man in front of you in the Starbucks line had a gun dangling from his shoulder?

Source, New York Times: Guns in Your Face

When I poured out my indignation yesterday about Georgia’s Carry-Your-Guns-Openly-And-Everywhere Law, I hadn’t yet read the New York Times. Ergo, I didn’t see Gail Collins’s column, “Guns In Your Face,” which discusses the same law and the incident that prompted a lot of us to consider Georgia as a Psychotic State.

Interesting: Collins almost always can make me laugh out loud, even when she’s writing about the more disturbing aspects of American society. This time, though, she gives it to us almost entirely straight: “We’ve moved from the right to bear arms to the right to flaunt arms.”

Do please read it, and while you do, consider that women (one of whom was quoted at the top of the Atlantic-Constitution/National Memo article I linked you to yesterday, and another was the cop who stopped Cooley, the gun flaunter in the airport, to ask if he had a permit and was sneered at because apparently she failed to recognize that the gun he carried wasn’t an “automatic,” but a “semi-automatic”) are apparently the only gender in this country to register fear and anger about the gun madness.

I’m with them.

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