Guy who sued Zuckerberg (and lost) has disappeared. But…

His ankle bracelet didn’t. See, he’s since been charged with fraud for fabricating evidence in the Facebook lawsuit. And was presumably under house arrest and wearing that ankle bracelet.

This story, from Lowering the Bar, is so funny, thanks to Kevin Underhill’s underhand prose. Here’s a taste:

 Feds Say They Have Accused Fraudster’s Ankle Bracelet in Custody – Lowering the Bar.

Unfortunately, he’s not in it at the moment.

Paul Ceglia, who once sued Mark Zuckerberg claiming half of Facebook, and who last appeared here back in Assorted Stupidity #39 after his ninth set of lawyers withdrew from that case, has disappeared. His case against Zuckerberg was, surprisingly, dismissed after the judge found it was based on fabricated evidence, and Ceglia was later charged with fraud. Ceglia denounced that move, indignantly pleading not guilty. “I have no interest in a plea deal of any sort,” he told Ars Technica in August, facing a May trial date. “The very idea of it suggests that I have done something wrong. Of course I intend to go to trial,” he said.

He seems to have changed his mind, or else he went on an unapproved vacation and forgot to take his electronic-monitoring bracelet along. Maybe he was just concerned about tan lines?


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