Hachette sues Richard Ben Cramer

This story concerns me for two reasons. First, it’s a lawsuit. Second, it’s a lawsuit against an author. And third (yeah, I know, I said “two reasons”), take a look at how much of an advance Cramer got!

The Smoking Gun publishes an excerpt from court papers filed on December 14 which Hachette Book Group sued author Richard Ben Cramer, 62. According to the complaint, HBG seeks repayment of $550,000 in advances for a two-book deal starting with a book about Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees. ($500,000 was paid to Cramer upon signing the deal, of a total of $1.5 million; another $50,000 was paid to him as part of an amended agreement in 2009.) HBG ┬áterminated its relationship with Cramer in September 2011 for his failure to deliver a portion of the manuscript by February 2010, and seeks the return of Cramer’s advance plus interest, expenses, and attorney fees.

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