Happy New Year and I’m back. Sorta

I’m such a rational person–and modest, to boot–I don’t expect that anyone except my nearest and dearest has noticed I haven’t been posting for at least a month.

The reason? No, no–nothing to worry about. I’m fine. And Fein. I’ve been moving, though, and although it’s been only 10 blocks north, it has involved the same absurd amount of time, physical effort and distractions as would moving into another city.

I’ve had to absorb the new rules of my new building. The many, many new rules. Written, I’m sure, by lawyers who, as is the wont of lawyers, have tried to seal up every mouse hole in the owners’ agreements.

Maybe I’m one of the only people in this place who appreciates the lawyers’ work, but it has certainly been a learning experience.

Meanwhile, it’s a holiday (which means, per the above rules, I can’t be making construction-type noises by drilling into the walls so I can put up my towel rack). So my plans for the day include trying to find my absolutely favorite saute pan and saucepan, both the sine qua non of my food prep life.

They’re in a box somewhere and I have 25 boxes yet to open.

So pretty soon I’ll be back. And there’s so so much news out there.

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