Harassment nightmare lawsuit in NYC

Just when I thought there were no more lawsuits in the world … here’s today’s Daily News:

The horndog honchos at a midtown hot spot are being sued over X-rated harassment of female workers who were known as “Double Ds” and “Thighs” and unwillingly entered into “Best Ass” contests.

AVA Lounge owner Richard Addison and general manager Jason Ash lorded over the nightmarish antics at the Dream Hotel’s sexy rooftop lounge, according to a suit filed yesterday by eight former female waitresses and bartenders.

“They basically harassed every single female that worked there,” said Mark Stumer, a lawyer for the women. “It was constant, it was pervasive and it was every day.”

The AVA Lounge…boasts of its “chilled out vibe…”


Christine Anderson, who the suit says was known as “Double Ds” and “T–s,” alleged in the complaint that she was falsely accused of stealing and then fired for complaining about Ash’s shenanigans.

Yup, that’s a lawsuit. You do have to wonder about the I.Q. of male New Yorkers who [allegedly] do things like this. Have to wonder about their masculinity, too.

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