Hard evidence that one presidential campaign is driving off the rails

Not the bibles, no.

Last night my phone rang. I checked the ID. It read “SPAM-RISK.”

Is it needless to tell you I didn’t pick up the call? Needless.

Later, I was surprised to notice my little (red) message light blinking. What ilk of SPAM-RISK leaves a message? I would have thought the ID was sufficiently message-y. So I pressed the “listen to message” button and listened to the message.

A pleasant, somewhat excited woman’s voice told me of huge breaking news, how someone maybe called Steve Gaines or something was ABOUT TO MAKE A KEY ENDORSEMENT OF…Donald Trump. And if I wanted to be “in on” this endorsement, all I had to do was press a couple of the number buttons and WOWEE! I too could hear the endorsement.

I began chuckling almost immediately. After a while I figured maybe that important endorsement was coming from Steve Daines, not “Gaines” — either of whom would be a resolutely unspectacular senator from one of those states I pay no attention to — without apologies.

How chaotic and disintegrating must the Trump campaign be to set up this robo-call self-identified as SPAM-RISK to a 212 phone number? I mean, Manhattan, where in 2020 Trump won 14.5% of the vote against Biden’s 84.5%.

Doesn’t say much for fascists as campaign organizers, does it?

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