Harper Lee copyright lawsuit settled

From today’s Publisher’s Lunch:

Harper Lee’s copyright lawsuit against her former agent Sam Pinkus appears to be reaching an end. Pinkus’s lawyer Vincent Carissimi told the NY Daily News late last week that both sides “have reached a mutually satisfactory resolution” and that “all the concerns have been addressed.” In papers filed in federal court last Thursday, Lee dismissed her claims against co-defendants Lee Ann Winick and Gerald Posner, with each side bearing its own legal costs.

Carissimi told the Daily News “we have reached a settlement” and indicated that final papers would be filed soon to dismiss the entire case — though such papers were not available in the court docket as of Monday morning. More importantly, Lee’s representatives have not commented since Carissimi’s assertion that the matter has been settled.

This is, strictly from the vantage point of Sidebar, the problem with settlements. We report on all the bim-bam-bom — the accusations, the theatrics, the massive internal injuries … and then? It settles and we don’t know why or for how much. We don’t get a picture of the inner workings of the parties.

Basically, all we can know is that it settled, and we can guess that everybody is satisfied and nobody is satisfied.

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