Has Trump been bribed to remove Russian sanctions?

Despite my admittedly obsessive reading of news and equally obsessive separating facts from opinions (and rumors), I did not know these facts just presented in Harper’s Weekly Review. Although I was aware–as we all were–of the infamous dossier weighty with Trump implications, I had not yet read about a suggested bribe. Which I’ve bolded, since that’s how startled I was.

I especially appreciate that Harper’s compiled these facts in such as way as to point out how they might be connected:

Oleg Erovinkin, an aide to the head of Rosneft, a Russian petroleum company, and a reported source for a dossier assembled by an MI6 spy that suggested Trump would receive 19 percent of Rosneft in exchange for removing sanctions against Russia, was found dead in the back of his car. It was reported that an unknown party in the Cayman Islands had recently received 19.5 percent of Rosneft…

And I’m sure you remember that Trump’s nominee to head up the United States Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, has his own reprehensible connections with money socked away in the tax haven Cayman Islands.

Here, from the New Yorker, is Senator Ron Wyden during Mnuchin’s hearing:

“There is no clearer example than Mr. Mnuchin’s hedge fund setting up outposts in Anguilla and the Cayman Islands, an action that can be explained only by the islands’ zero-per-cent tax rate,” Wyden said. He then suggested that “millions of dollars in profits” from Mnuchin’s various business ventures had been funnelled into an “offshore web.”

And the U.S. Treasury (that is, Trump’s Treasury)  just made some “exceptions” to the Russian sanctions.

I wonder whether Mnuchin’s Cayman Island hedge fund has recently received a hefty deposit from parts east.

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