Have I been threatened by two gun dealers?

Whenever I get a new follower on Twitter, I’m notified via my email. It’s all very gratifying–especially because whenever a follower drops me, Twitter doesn’t hurt my feelings by telling me.

Today I got emails about two new Twitter followers. I don’t know how they picked up on me–maybe because of this post–but I am less than thrilled.

I’m going to paste in below what I received. Note: I’m not accomplished at pasting things like this so the layouts are not attractive but I don’t think these people were concerned with aesthetics as much as they were with the message: “We are following you and we are carrying guns!!!!!” Subtle.

I suppose, in the spirit of our times, I’m posting this in lieu of emailing James Comey and reporting the threat. (That’s a very bitter joke. Sort of.)

P.S. And now I’m trying to figure out what category to label this. “American war on women”? Nah. Maybe “Consumer boycott?” (Don’t buy these guns!!!) “Law, suits and order,” that’s it.

AR15 ‘n’ More
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And here’s the second:

Gun Brokers USA
We share information about the best deals and suppliers of firearms all over the United States.
United States
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