Have I identified a new virus? If so, what shall we call it?

Earlier today, I glanced at — meaning, I didn’t read it but my eyes ran over and down it — a recent Trump tweet/post. I noticed his expanded application of Capital Letters for words that do not require them.

He’s been capitalizing for a while but, like most Trumpisms, it makes no common sense. However, it’s been catching: MAGAites have acquired the habit of putting caps on random words.

I’m thinking it’s a weird new virus to which the majority of us are Immune. (That’s just a joke, right there, that cap. Go “ha ha” and forget about it.)

Where did this virus come from? Probably not bats in China. Given the concomitant MAGA/GOP adherence to Putin, maybe it’s from Russia. Maybe the comrades have been fine-tuning Novichok.

Wherever it’s from, the anti-vaxx crowd will certainly not be accepting injections of grammatical and spelling realities, no matter how quickly we produce them. So we can expect the effect of the Cap Virus to deepen and broaden until Every Word In Every MAGA/GOP Sentence Is In Caps.

What’s a good name for this virus?

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