Have you adjusted to a world run by robots? Maybe not

Yesterday, I was hearing from my brother-in-law about the TV series “Mr. Robot.”

I knew about it but had never watched it. I told Rob I was getting really tired of re-watchingshows on BritBox or Acorn because they were so much better, even the 20th time, than newer stuff so I was ready for a recommendation.

He convinced me that “Mr. Robot” was worth a look. And I will take that look.

But at this moment I’ll tell you about another story, a true story, reported by AP. It’s about a couple who called the police in the middle of the night because they had been awakened by noises from an intruder.

P.S. It’s worth noting this couple did not yank out guns to defend themselves. And they’re from North Carolina. I give them a standing O.

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