Have you heard about NoLabels.org?

Neither had I.

But since they’re running a frequent TV ad praising the “bi-partisan” infrastructure deal — rah rah rah! — but then, with fuzzy, ominous optics — claiming Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are blocking voting on the bill! “Let them vote!” cries the ad.

“Huh?” cries me, seeing this.

Because I wasn’t aware there was a “bi-partisan” infrastructure bill ready for a vote. And that it was being blocked by Nancy and Chuck. And I’m pretty aware of what’s going on in Congress.

I am aware that Joe Manchin has been bi-partisaning all over the map, working on a bill which Joe Biden said he’d support, but only if there’s a reconciliation bill voted alongside it, a bill which would expand infrastructure into more than just re-building bridges and roads, as Biden has promised he’ll do. The GOP has lamely said it would support a basic infrastructure bill since a lot of their states’ roads and bridges are, um, falling down.

But but but, there is no absolute agreement that any Republicans will support this bill — let alone the magic filibuster busting 60 — with or without the additional reconciliation bill, which takes into account the desperate needs of the rest of U.S. humanity. The big infrastructure bill had to be split in order to give Joe Manchin the opportunity to work with his, uh, GOP colleagues so he could claim there is bi-partisanship in Congress and it’s the only way to move forward.


But who are these people, these claimed “NoLabel” people, who are criticizing the lead Democrats for not “allowing” a vote on a bill which has no guarantee of passing? For one thing, they don’t seem to know much about how good leaders work: they don’t bring bills to the floor unless they know the bills will pass.

So who are these ignorant people who are criticizing our elected leaders?

Well, the list of their cohort is fairly obscure, but the few names I recognized, or affiliations which are listed, indicate they are Big Business money people and lobbyists. Who may also be rather attached to this initial infrastructure bill because they are sleazing their way toward private-public partnerships in re-building bridges and roads.

Good example: take a look at the second paragraph describing one of the NoLabel people, Jerry Howe.

I am personally adamantly against public-private partnerships in public works. It’s been bad enough over the past years to travel on the West Side Highway and to pass the Donald J. Trump sign indicating he gave some money (or promised) to the highway. I’ve had it; I don’t want any rich guy’s name on parts of my infrastructure.

This group has a Congressional “caucus” who, they say, works with them. Here’s the caucus. Every one of the minority Democrats is from a right-leaning district.

There are public projects which should be entirely public. Roads and bridges, used by the public, must be under the auspices and paid for by our government.

There are things Big Business does not do very well. Among those things are construction projects. Such as condos. In Florida.

I don’t want any of these hands repairing my bridges and roads.

Fuck them.

I stand with Nancy and Chuck.

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