He said/bank said: is this lawsuit a David & Goliath thing?

I had no intention of reading this entire New York Times story by Andrew Ross Sorkin: Battling a Bank to Collect a Judgment – NYTimes.com.

But I did, because it became an intriguing who’s-side-are-you-on story and, primarily, because one man — albeit one man who had enough money to pursue this lawsuit against U.S. Bancorp — has been fighting a big bank, all by himself. Righteous.

And the bank keeps fighting back. Wrong. On and on…

But still, when you read the whole story, it is not clear if your sympathies really belong with Maury Rosenberg, the David of this battle. They can’t, of course, belong with the Goliath, U.S. Bancorp. I mean, who feels for a big bank?

But still, read further and discover that Mr. Rosenberg is no litigational neophyte.

So … what do you think?

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