Hells Angels: Professional Plaintiffs

I’m quite delayed in handing you this NYT link to an interesting Serge Kovaleski story that might just shoot down a couple of stereotypes about those quintessentially outlaw Hells Angels. Not so out-law: they sue. A lot. It’s intellectual property law, believe it or not:

Fritz Clapp, a 67-year-old lawyer with a bright red mohawk, practices intellectual property law. Years ago, his clients were “small-time businesses that nobody had ever heard of.” Then he found something bigger. Today, Mr. Clapp, an eloquent and irreverent man known to wear a purple fez during negotiations with other lawyers, represents the interests of a group not commonly associated with intellectual property: the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. His main role is not as a bulldog criminal defense counsel for the notorious group but as a civilized advocate in its relentless battle to protect its many registered trademarks.

Nice tats in that big Times photo.

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