Her Majesty The Queen sues for back wages. Huh?

Gotta read this entire Lowering the Bar post. First thing, Her Majesty The Queen is not really Her Majesty The Queen, i.e., Elizabeth. She is a male schizophrenic whose regular old birth name is not being used in this bit of legal news because “she” legally changed the name to Her Majesty The Queen. (Apparently Her Majesty is his first name, and The Queen is his last name.)

Second, this whole thing is taking place in Canada, which I think explains a lot. Although I wouldn’t know how to explain what I just wrote. (It’s one of those New York things.)

Third … oh never mind. Just read on: Judge Rejects the Queen’s Claim for Back Wages – Lowering the Bar.

P.S. I tagged this tale as an employment lawsuit, although the tag should be “employment lawsuit.” The tag function in WordPress doesn’t flex to irony.

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