“Here’s How You Buy Out A Democracy”

From the excellent e-mag, The National Memo, this essay about what just happened in Wisconsin’s newly re-constituted–and fully purchased and owned–high court.

In it, David Cay Johnston directly indicts the Koch Brothers and emphasizes what I’ve written about frequently and fearfully, generally under the category Koch Bros Final Solution to Democracy and/or the rubric The Neu Wannsee Conference.

It’s a stunning article. For anyone who believes this sort of thing isn’t happening, can’t happen in the United States of America, it’s a must read.

This is how democracies die: not with a bang, but through the quiet election of officials who put ideology ahead of principle.

Source: Here’s How You Buy Out A Democracy

P.S. One criticism: I wish people would stop inserting the word “out” into sentences that do not require it. It’s a weird little tic that shows up all the time on HGTV renovation shows. “Change out the lighting fixture…” “Change out the wall color…” “Change out the boyfriend…” Well, no, I just threw that in to see whether you’re paying attention.

Take the word “out” of all these sentences and what you have is a correct statement. You don’t “buy out a democracy.” You buy a democracy. (Or a new lightbulb.)


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