Here’s what a Times reader says about Kathryn Garcia

Today, the readers’ comments to Ginia Bellafante’s Times article about the New York mayoral campaign decry the unproven attack on Scott Stringer.

My favorite comment, though, has to do with Kathryn Garcia, whom both the Times and the Daily News have supported. I agree with it wholeheartedly:

Lisa, New Jersey, May 13

I had supported Kathryn Garcia for Mayor as someone who has actually gotten things done working in city government. But then she totally turned me off by her gratuitous attacks on Stringer during her appearance on the Brian Lehrer show the other day. Without citing any facts or the need for due process, she said “I believe women,” as if an accusation alone should be enough to destroy a person’s career and perhaps his family life, too; she cited no evidence. But worse, when Lehrer commented that no one else has come forward to say that Stringer is a serial abuser of women, Garcia suggested that time will tell, others may come forward, etc. So, with no evidence or proof and confronted with arguments in the Intercept suggesting that Stringer has been falsely accused by Jean Kim, Garcia basically said due process doesn’t matter, guilty until proven innocent and hinted that Stringer may be another Weinstein.

I’m from the UWS but never met Stringer, have no association with him pro or con. But when Garcia gratuitously slandered him I lost all respect for her.

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