He’s GOP, gonna run for Congress and he’s really speciale

There’s a guy named Michael Speciale, and he’s going to run for Congress in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.

And just in case you were thinking the GOP — especially in the Carolinas — could not continue to produce such specimens of the not-quite human race, you’ll need to see this from today’s DailyKos Elections.

Warning: dog lovers, you may not want to read it. Yeah, and maybe people lovers, you may not want to, either. In fact, maybe no one should read it. But here it is:

The News Observer recently took a look at Speciale’s four terms in the legislature, and even for the Trump era, he’s something. In 2013, Speciale mocked a bill to regulate puppy mills that would have required dog breeders to take their dogs out for exercise and use humane methods for euthanasia. The state representative asked, “Exercise on a daily basis–if I kick him across the floor, is that daily exercise?” and added, “Euthanasia performed humanely’–so I should choose the ax or the baseball bat?” The bill did not become law.

Speciale also has plenty of hatred for humans, too. In 2015, he shared a social media post that called Barack Obama an “Islamic son of a bitch.” In 2017, two years after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, Speciale sponsored an unsuccessful bill declaring that decision was “null and void in the state of North Carolina.”

Also that year, Speciale pushed for a bill that would have given voters the chance to repeal the part of the state constitution that prohibits secession. Despite his effort, Speciale’s proposed constitutional amendment was not on the ballot last November, and as of Tuesday, North Carolina remains part of the United States.

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