Hey doctors, it’s time for active resistance

I’ve been reading too many stories about doctors and hospitals which, when faced with women having miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies, call a lawyer first, or stand around  wringing their hands in case saving lives is…barred by state law.

This perplexes me. Did you not take some kind of oath when you were licensed as physicians to, first, do no harm to your patients, and then actually to treat them?

Even the conservative AMA has something to say.

Doctors, must I remind you of the 1960’s civil rights movement which resisted Jim Crow laws and segregation as egregious offenses to humanity? That movement called for passive resistance against human wrongs. The people who resisted endured violent attacks, were dragged off to jails for their resistance. Some of them were murdered.

You medical professionals number over a million in this country. Presumably, you had a course in medical ethics. Didn’t ethics discuss how morality and your professional obligations override laws that are rotten to the core?

Doctors, show some fucking guts. If you are arrested for doing medicine, if a majority of you are arrested for saving patients…then you call the lawyers. And make sure you’ve got news media around, taking pictures and videos of you in handcuffs and being arraigned. For morally practicing your profession.

More than 300 million people in this country depend on you for our lives. We will be giving you the mother of all standing O’s.

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