Hi-ho, fellow Jews: are you “puppet masters of the left”? Yes? No? What?

OK, brace yourselves for a dose of retro anti-Semitism. DailyKos Elections has just provided us all with a campaign ad for a congressional seat in Minnesota.

Do you recognize yourselves? Take a look:

MN-01: It’s as though the NRCC said to their big brothers at the Congressional Leadership Fund, “We see your naked racism and we raise you a screeching anti-Semitic dog-whistle.” The committee’s newest ad in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District attacking Democrat Dan Feehan starts off with a photo of a kneeling Colin Kaepernick, with the narrator berating “[p]rima donna athletes protesting our anthem,” but then it quickly leaves black folks behind to scare voters up about Da Jooz.

“Left-wing mobs paid to riot in the streets,” warns the narrator. “Billionaire George Soros bankrolls the resistance—and Dan Feehan,” with a photo of Soros literally sitting behind stacks and stacks of money. “Feehan’s employed by a Soros-funded liberal outfit in D.C. His campaign? Propped up by out-of-state super PACs backed by Soros’ millions.” That’s three references to “Soros,” whose name has replaced “Rothschild” in the fever swamps of the right, in just 12 seconds.

The spot finishes in the same way: “So when you see Feehan pushing government-run health care, higher taxes, amnesty—just remember: The left owns Feehan.” At this moment, Soros’ visage again appears, hovering at the top of the screen above an image of Feehan who himself is now surrounded by piles of cash. It’s an entirely unsubtle conjuration of the hoary and hateful lie that wealthy Jews are the puppet-masters of the left, because of course, decent white folk would never espouse liberal beliefs unless they were getting paid to do so. It’s totally disgusting, but Republicans are waging an internal arms race to see who can plaster the most bigotry on the airwaves. Right now, the NRCC is winning.

I bolded that, just in case.

The, uh, beneficiary of this crap would be the GOPer Jim Hagedorn. As of right this minute, 538 has him leading Dan Feehan by precisely one point.


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