“Hideous Abomination.” What’s that?

Well, look below   to this tidbit from Harper’s Weekly Review. The news is actually about the container ship, Ever Given, which wedged itself into immobility in the Suez Canal, but we’ve all read that news so I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning it except for this:

The ship, which is widely speculated to include boxes of Hideous Abomination, a Kickstarter-funded board game in which players compete to construct surprising monsters, was freed after six days, thanks in large part to the sun and moon.

Thank you, sun and moon!

I’ve read all sorts of speculations about what’s in those containers. QAnon — or whatever it’s called now — says it’s children bound for sex slavery. Those crazy people have somehow connected this to Hillary Clinton (I mean!…) because the call numbers of the ship contain the first letters of her name. Maybe. That may not be accurate. Then there was word of food, rotting. It better not be toilet paper.

I am refusing to accept that because I’ve never heard of a board game called Hideous Abomination I have been stamped “out of date.” There’s plenty of evidence that I am (out of date) — I knew only one name connected with the Grammy Awards — but Hideous Abomination is not in that evidence.

Is “Hideous Abomination” the klutzy English translation from one of Tolkien’s orc languages?

How can you design monsters on a board? Don’t you need a computer and some coding knowledge?

I do not feel that Ever Given is a good name for any kind of ship. I’d prefer Ever Given, Ever Taken Away.

This is all I have to say. Except I’ll bet as soon as I send this out to the universe, I’ll think of more to say. But I won’t.

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