Hippos, hippos everywhere

From 538 Significant Digits:

50 or more hippos

No one seems to know what to do with Pablo Escobar’s hippos. What began as a menagerie of four in the Colombia estate of the brutal drug lord has swelled to a population of some 50 hippos, some of which roam outside the compound, possibly displacing native wildlife such as manatees and posing a threat to humans. Hippos are native only to Africa. Killing the hippos is unpopular, and sterilizing or relocating them is dangerous and expensive. [CBS News]

I’m now thinking about Fiona, the baby hippo star at the Cincinnati zoo. Who is so darling you can’t keep your eyes off her video. (Skip the ad as soon as you can.)

Shouldn’t some videographer (wearing protective gear) go down to the Colombia estate and video the babies? So many hippos, there have to be a number of babies. And then all sorts of zoos and communities around the world could offer to adopt.

Imagine, hippos wandering through your village, gamboling on your city streets. It’s a thought.

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