Historic NYC bar blocks black MD student from using bathroom

A medical school student claims that a manager at a historic bar stopped him from using the restroom because of his skin color.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Historic NYC bar hit with bias case – NY Daily News

If the clean facts of this case come anywhere near plaintiff Kim Ohaegbulam’s narrative, wow is this absurdly nasty. And one of Mr. Ohaegbulam’s supporting witnesses is the Landmark Tavern’s security guard.

Yet Mr. Ohaegbulam was handcuffed and taking to the nearest precinct, where he received a summons.

I went to the Landmark Tavern once. Nice looking interior, indifferent food. Maybe you’d like to know what Zagat says about it:

Around for 140-plus years, this “off-the-beaten-path” Hell’s Kitchen tavern is deemed “worth the detour” for its “cozy olde NY” atmosphere alone; grab a pint and some “standard” pub grub delivered by a “caring” crew – “they don’t make ’em like this anymore.”

Hm. Nothing about going to the bathroom while being black. I note that the Tavern opened in 1875–more than a decade after the Civil War ended.

Under the immediate circumstances, Zagat’s review should be read with several grains of pub salt in one’s cheek. Or irony. Yeah, read it with irony. Especially that ‘”caring crew'” comment.


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