“Holocaust survivor? Not even close”

And now I’m wishing I hadn’t told you about this story when the Daily News first ran it, because, oy vey.

Remember the legal mess and flaming accusations cast by a grandmother, Sarah Weinberg, and her granddaughter, Danielle Kaminsky over a couple of buildings the grandmother owns on New York’s Restaurant Row (a/k/a West 46th Street)? That is, in Hell’s Kitchen?

Well, it’s gotten worse — so complicated, I struggle for words.

OK, I’ve stopped struggling. Here’s the beginning of yesterday’s Daily News story, by Barbara Ross, Matthew J. Perlman and Dareh Gregorian (I’m tempted to say the story is such a sty it needs three reporters) and pay special attention to the first line, which is such a terrific pun I’ve bolded it:

My grandma — what big lies you have!

A Manhattan woman accusing her granddaughter of trying to swindle her out of two buildings is a con woman herself with a long history of telling tall tales, her relatives charge.

Contrary to her claim of having to flee Nazi Germany when she was a baby in 1939, Sarah Weinberg was actually born Marta Pedraza in Argentina in 1935 and raised there, her former son-in-law claims in court papers.

She’s also a convicted fraudster who swindled the government out of more than $100,000, court papers show.

You’ll want to read the whole thing and look at all the pictures. And notice that the granddaughter’s lawyer is Emily Jane Goodman, for many years a highly respected Supreme Court judge and now a partner of Norman Siegel, et al.

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