Home buyers sue sellers…but look at this great photo!

Yes, this is (sort of) about a lawsuit. No, I mean, it is about a lawsuit: Buyers of NJ house are suing sellers because they didn’t tell the buyers that …

A N.J. couple who thought they were buying their dream home are suing the previous owners, saying the house has crazy, creepy stalker.

Source: N.J. couple sues former owners of house over scary letters – NY Daily News, begins:

A New Jersey couple who thought they were buying their dream home are suing its previous owners, claiming the house has a longtime stalker who writes terrorizing letters and signs them “The Watcher.”

A Union County lawsuit contends the original owners of the six-bedroom, $1.3 million home in upscale Westfield deliberately withheld information about the anonymous, threatening missives.

“Currently, plaintiffs are in the process of selling the home as they are unable to live in the home without extreme anxiety and fear for their children’s safety and well-being,” says the suit that was filed earlier this month, according to Courthouse News Service.

But I pass this on to you because the Daily News has outdone itself in illustrations. You must take a look at the (presumably staged) photo with which they illustrate this news item. It is a creepy, wondrous work of art.

P.S. From what I’ve read about real estate transactions, the sellers don’t have to disclose everything about the property to the potential buyers. For instance, they don’t have to disclose the presence of a weirdo stalker. So I have a feeling this lawsuit is not going to be a triumph for the buyers. (But hasn’t anybody thought of getting rid of the “stalker” in the usual ways, i.e., informing the police? Getting an order of protection? Something like that?)

UPDATE 6/22/2015, 6:47 pm. I am now listening to ABC evening news, reporting on this story, offering recommendations for researching a property before you buy it.

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