Hooray Housing Court! “Judge orders filthy Bronx landlord to jail”

A while ago, I told you about new City Council legislation to strengthen the rights of tenants against landlords of miserably maintained buildings.

Yesterday’s Daily News gave an excellent example of how this law — and the two great NYC agencies, Housing Preservation and Development and Housing Court — will work for tenants and against slum landlords.

The piece by Denis Slattery begins:

One of the worst landlords in the Bronx is facing jail time after failing to make hundreds of repairs to an apartment building that has fallen into “deplorable” disrepair.

James Caban, the owner of 1547 Commonwealth Ave., was sentenced to 30 days in jail by Bronx Housing Court Judge Jerald Klein after ignoring the city’s requests to make repairs needed to fix up the building.

The judge also issued a warrant for the delinquent landlord’s arrest.

Toward the end of the piece is this simple, clear and forceful quote from She Who Must Be Obeyed:

“If you neglect your property and your tenants, disregard your legal responsibilities, and defy court orders, we will seek the maximum penalties available under the law,” said RuthAnne Visnauskas, commissioner of the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

If you’re a tenant and would like to see how you can bring your bad landlord into Housing Court, put in the search term Housing Court in that upper right blank box on this home page. It’s labeled “Search all posts,” and then “Search.” You’ll get my entire multi-part series on the Housing Court process.

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