Housing Court 21 / Contempt 6: The End!

Back from Housing Court and…

It’s over! After a year and a half and I haven’t counted how many court appearances and visit to the post office, this case has finished up. Today I dismissed my last motion. (The Last Motion. Sounds like an animated action film, doesn’t it? Or an HBO series. Or…)

There is an oops! to the story, though. I should call this A Motion Too Far: I made a mistake. The stipulation I had signed off on during our last court date said that this case was “adjourned” to June 14. Somehow I hadn’t realized that meant I needed to be in court on that date.

So I hadn’t been. But Larry had been, he told me today. He’d been waiting in court on June 14, holding a June 12 engineer’s sign off, the last required step in this process. (I almost felt sorry for him, waiting, waiting…) So had I appeared on June 14, I would’ve received the sign-off and would have dismissed my motion then. And not gone back to file another one, and not gone back to the post office…

I apologized to Larry and to the HPD lawyer, both of whom expressed surprise that I hadn’t appeared on June 14.

It all went down today, though. In front of the judge, I dismissed my motion for contempt; the judge smiled and said something about how simple and speedy it was and how it was nice that someone was happy. (He hears so many unhappy people.)

And I was happy. I feel successful, complete.

Larry and I said good-bye — I don’t know if I’ll be seeing him again — and once again I told him I thought he was a very good lawyer. Then we talked about July 4, and fireworks.


The End.

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