Housing Court Judge hits NYCHA with $20K fine

The judge’s name is Phyllis Saxe. She is a Manhattan Housing Court judge. Since after my own year and a half in Manhattan Housing Court I am an unquestionable cheerleader for the court, here’s a piece from the Daily News about what Judge Phyllis Saxe just did to the New York City Housing Authority:

Judge hits NYCHA with $20K fine after single mom was left without hot water for two years – NY Daily News.

She held them in contempt:

Saxe was so irate at the agency — whose repeated failures such as taking years to make basic repairs or install security cameras after millions of dollars were alloted have been exposed by The News — that the judge indicated she would have considered finding [John] Rhea [Chairman of the NYCHA] in contempt if not for technicalities.

Yay, Your Honor!


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