“Houston and Its Strip Clubs Call a Truce”

I’ve never been to Howston. There’s one reason only I would ever go to Howston: to see the Rothkos — which are, last I heard, dying. (Not because they got stuck in Howston, however. I think Rothko used unstable processes to achieve that profound luminosity.)

Not so the strip clubs. I mean: they’re not dying. Nor are they profoundly luminous, I’d guess. (Although maybe they do something with the lighting, as you’ll see when you look at the photo on top of the story, pretty naughty for the Times. Me, I focused on how hard it must be for that stripper on the pole to be lifting her leg so high when she’s wearing what looks like 10-pound platform heels.)

Anyway, here’s the important news about what apparently has been an endless lawsuit: Houston and Its Strip Clubs Call a Truce – NYTimes.com.

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