How crazy are some people in this country? This crazy

It’s probably not good for my constitution to read the Voice of the People, the Daily News’  letters-from-readers page. But I persevere with courage and the stoicism I picked up from Marcus Aurelius. Or somebody closer to home.

There are benefits: if the Daily News publishes a letter full of false claims and rantings one day, on a subsequent day it’ll print a letter from another person directly calling out that nutso letter.

Today, though, I read a letter that is so alien to reality, so scarey it stands alone as an example of how some people in this country are psychotic and unabashed about letting us all peer into their minds.

Take particular notice of where this man lives:

Arimo, Idaho: Anthony Fauci should be locked up in Gitmo. He has played Americans like a fiddle and they are still too stupid to realize it. Tony Two Masks basically warned us what was coming in a 2017 interview. He stated that we could be hit by a pandemic within a few years. It wasn’t a prediction, he was accidentally spilling the beans on their Deep State plot.

–Eugene Sant

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