How crazy is the far right?

Food Fight crazy.

Seems that an homme named Forian Philippot, top aide to Marine Le Pen, head of France’s National Front far-right party–soundly defeated in the last election–just departed the Party. Demoted, fired, quit, whatever.

Tensions had been reported. Numerous tensions. Which “erupted into plain sight in recent weeks over a small think tank called The Patriots that [Philippot] created shortly after the elections.”

“Think tank”?? Named The Patriots?? OK, well, then I read what was the supremely monstrous betrayal which caused the final split between Philippot and Le Pen:

Tensions rose further last week when far-right militants criticized Mr. Philippot on social media for going to a couscous restaurant in Strasbourg, France, instead of eating choucroute, the region’s tradition dish of sauerkraut and sausages.

You can read the whole story here , A Marine Le Pen Aide Leaves Far-Right Party – The New York TimesĀ if you must but really, you needn’t bother. Just know that white supremacists/neo-Nazis/extreme rightists anywhere are (in contemporary terminology) batshit crazy. And stupid.

Couscous versus choucroute. Splinter groups.

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