How did I miss the Paula Deen brouhaha?

I heard about the racial statements, yes, but didn’t realize this was all part of a lawsuit a former employee named Lisa Jackson filed against Deen and her brother — whose name is Bubba. I didn’t have to tell you that, did I?

And I hadn’t read about the comments until today, when the Daily News had a “Paula Deen fired” front page.

I’ve spent time in the South. And I’ll tell you, it’s a completely different world from ours, up here in the North. These people have no clue about how they sound to those of us who are not racists. I’ve heard people who tell me they’re liberals say repulsive things. (And I told them that.) So in one sense the story doesn’t surprise me, although I’m always surprised that now, in 2013, this dumb shit still comes out of their mouths.

My favorite line in the Daily News story by Margaret Eby and Don Kaplan? This, at the end:

Hoping to quell the controversy on Thursday, Deen’s reps said her use of the word was the product of her upbringing in the deep South.


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