How important is your vote? This important

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

In Rainier, Washington, a candidate for city council did not cast a ballot in his own election and then lost by one vote.

If you’re like me, you have devoted a certain portion of your data base, i.e., your brain’s memory center, to stories involving that one vote in an election. My memory center just prompted me to search my blog for previous stories about one vote and, yes, I came up with an election in Virginia, and the subsequent election during which the one-vote wrong of the first election were loudly and firmly rectified.

We all have that one vote which can determine an election, even when our one vote is combined with other one votes to make thousands and millions of votes.

P.S. “One vote” should not be conflated with “one issue,” not in this country, not in these times. Unlike most voting, issues should be ranked in a flexible hierarchy. Your one vote should go to the person who supports more of your issues than anyone else.

Oh, maybe, I’d place the issue of democracy at the top of the hierarchy because without it you won’t have any other issues.

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