How is our species evolving? Weirdly

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

President Donald Trump removed top Department of Homeland Security officials amid their move to a new headquarters (in a building formerly called the Government Hospital for the Insane)…

[Julian] Assange’s Ecuadorian citizenship had been suspended several months after he had threatened to sue Ecuador for “violating his fundamental rights” following the embassy staff’s request that, among other things, he clean his bathroom and properly care for his pet cat.

A father and son in Michigan were charged with selling infected body parts for as much as $100,000 each.

The pope emeritus blamed sexual abuse in the Catholic Church on the sexual revolution of the Sixties…

The United States struck Somalia with an air strike the day before its prime minister visited Washington.

“The evolution of our evolutionary group, Homo,” a scientist said after hearing that had someone discovered a new species of upright ape in a cave in the Philippines, “is getting weirder and weirder.”



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