How messed up is the Supreme Court? Hobby Lobby decision opens floodgates

I was waiting for this to happen and now it has: Hobby Lobby decision opens floodgates for anti-birth control lawsuits.

The DailyKos article begins:

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which brought you the Hobby Lobby suit that was really not about religious liberty, has a whopping 102 lawsuits challenging the mandate in Obamacare that birth control be covered without copay. Almost half of the cases, 49 of them, are by corporations that now can say they have religious beliefs, thanks to the U.S.Supreme Court. The cases range from the nightmare father (and Missouri lawmaker) who wants to courts to enforce his religious beliefs on his grown daughters, to organic food producer Eden Foods CEO Michael Potter.  

Potter, who is Catholic and thus asserts that Eden Foods is Catholic, is not just going after the handful of birth control methods that Hobby Lobby objected to—the ones they “believe” are abortifacients even though medical science proves that they are not—but all 20 methods that Obamacare says insurance must cover without copay. If this isn’t enough to prove that the far right’s ultimate goal is to get rid women’s ability to use birth control entirely, look closer.

Thomas Becket is a big hero to Catholics. I could tell you specifically why he was no hero to humanity − especially those of us who believe in and live in a nation of laws and due process − and why his actions that made him a hero are a precursor of the Church’s criminal and inhuman protection of sexually abusive priests.

If I thought about it for a few more minutes, I could give you even more reasons why Becket was a bad man, but I’m tired now and I’ve already been an eloquent fan of one ancient priest today and that’s as far as I feel like going.

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