How not to behave before a judge: The Soros case

This was a small note in the Daily News. But since I’ve been following this case and have been noting, often sardonically, how George Soros’s ex-mistress provides us all with an example of How Plaintiffs Should Not Behave — and because the judge in this case was the judge in my case… well, Judge James just threw the case out.

You will want to know why, won’t you?

Soap star Adriana Ferreyr’s suit against George Soros nixed: sources

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Debra James dismissed the actress’ lawsuit against her 84-year-old billionaire ex-boyfriend after she ‘lunged’ at one of his lawyers, sources say.

That’ll give you a taste. (Remember when she “lunged” across a table at Soros himself during a deposition? You don’t? Sure you do.)

In short, if you are a plaintiff, do not lunge. At any time, at anyone. Ever.

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