How not to behave in court: another lesson from a celeb

I have previously dropped words into your ears about how foolishly celebrities can behave during legal procedures.

But wow, celebs are really dumb! Damon Dash shows up late for trial, harasses reporters and shouts at judge – NY Daily News.

Dumb, because no matter that they seem to believe court appearances are opportunities to enhance The Brand, their lawyers — and I’m sure Dash has strong legal advisors — must tell their clients how they have to behave in court.

Which means, you don’t

  • Show up late for trial.
  • Bother observers, like reporters covering your (celeb) case (I’d guess the “two female reporters sitting in the audience” were the Daily News’ Barbara Ross and Dareh Gregorian, who wrote this piece).
  • Use your smartphone to video-record the reporters (if I were one of them, I’d take that as a threat).
  • Yell “racists!” at those same reporters.
  • Mouth off at the judge.

Extreme Behavior which certainly suggests the obverse: how TO behave in court.

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