How not to dress for court? Oh yeah

Kevin Underhill, Lowering the Bar’s maestro, occasionally puts together a collection of short real-life law stories under the heading, Assorted Stupidity.

Here’s one in which a judge (in Scotland, but that doesn’t matter) actually–with exquisite courtesy–offers a recommendation to a lawyer’s client about what (not) to wear to court. So everyone who must appear in court should take this judge’s word as an advisement.

Source: Assorted Stupidity #76 – Lowering the Bar:

  • And why has your client not appeared today? the court asked Edinburgh solicitor Roy Harley. Harley said he didn’t know, but noted that “[t]o be frank, My Lord, when he arrived at my office [last week] he was wearing a fluorescent green Batman outfit. I think drink had been taken.” The court accepted that explanation. “I will defer the matter to next Tuesday,” he said, “but perhaps you could tell him not to dress as Batman, or Robin for that matter,” on that occasion.
  • Max, who sent me that item, points out that not only is a Batman costume inappropriate for a law office, fluorescent green is inappropriate for a Batman costume. Although anything fluorescent would be bad, actually.

And I just recalled this post (not as funny as the Batman costume thing) about dressing for court, in which I told you about a young woman whom a judge had to reprimand severely for her costume.

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