How to battle fake news? Great idea from Ukraine

“StopFake News,” which is overseen by the journalism department at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine, debunks fake news from a basement television studio.

Source: To Battle Fake News, Ukrainian Show Features Nothing but Lies – The New York Times

It begins:

KIEV, Ukraine — The studio lights dim, and the anchor taps a stack of papers on her desk and directs a steely gaze toward the television cameras.

What appears to be a nightly newscast is about to begin, only with a very Ukrainian twist: Everything is a lie, from start to finish.

“Welcome to ‘StopFake,’ the place where we set the record straight on fakes about Ukraine,” the anchor, Margo Gontar, intones.

In other parts of the world, viewers might suspect the evening news is just a bunch of lies, but watching the weekly broadcast of “StopFake News,” they can be certain of it.

Love it.

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