How to serve a (cowardly) Nazi with a lawsuit

When nail ‘n’ mail doesn’t work. Because you can’t find a doorway upon which to nail it.

Definition of Nail and mail–Nail and mail service is the posting of the notice on the person’s home and then mailing him a copy (hence nailing and mailing).

Source: To Sue Founder of Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi Site, First He Must Be Found – The New York Times

I started this story thinking I wouldn’t finish it or post it here but then I became intrigued by the problems the Southern Poverty Law Center is having in slamming a righteous lawsuit on a anti-Semitic white supremacist who is so courageous he refuses to be located.

The story begins:

For the past five months, a group of litigants has been trying to hold Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, to account for some of his actions. It has not been easy.

A team of four people hired by the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center to serve Mr. Anglin with notice of a lawsuit accusing him of leading a “troll army” have failed. They scoured parts of Ohio, where Mr. Anglin is from, and talked to his brother; they went to his father’s counseling office; they drove around his sister’s church. When they saw someone was home at an apartment affiliated with him, they staked it out.

And this is not an ordinary complaint (my bolding):

[Tanya] Gersh’s lawsuit stems from events last spring in Whitefish, Mont. There, Ms. Gersh, a real estate agent, encouraged Sherry Spencer, to disavow her son, Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, and donate to human rights causes. As tensions in the community grew, Ms. Gersh offered to sell a building in town owned by Ms. Spencer.

Mr. Anglin told his followers that Ms. Gersh was extorting Ms. Spencer and encouraged them to write anti-Semitic messages to Ms. Gersh. She and her son, who was 12, soon received thousands of phone calls and emails, including a message encouraging her son to crawl into an oven.

In April, Ms. Gersh and the Southern Poverty Law Center sued The Daily Stormer, accusing it of orchestrating a “troll storm.” The case could set a precedent on how online harassment is treated under the law.

So where is this brave Nazi hiding?

…most likely hiding among his community, said Keegan Hankes, an analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Dear His Community: if any of you has a shred of moral fiber, you’ll rat the rat out.


Mr. Anglin has written on The Daily Stormer that he is in Nigeria.

UPDATE: Just remembered I once posted a funnier story about an evasive defendant and a process server. Funnier, because he was eventually pinned down, and funnier, because he wasn’t a Nazi. Although he was a Russian billionaire and nowadays that means something, doesn’t it?

Oh and funnier because it refers to my own lawsuit and the efforts needed to serve the defendants. I get to laugh because it all turned all very well for me.

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