How to tell recovering conservatives from actual democrats

It’s a knee-jerk reaction. They can’t help themselves.

The “they” I’m talking about are the many erstwhile conservatives, Republicans and others of that persuasion who have come out as anti-Trumpery. They are from all corners of the polity: elected officials and ex-elected ones, strategists and media personalities, newspaper and magazine columnists and editors, people who worked in the Trump administration…but don’t anymore.

We all applaud them, because whatever their political beliefs were, they have turned vociferously against the GOP for swallowing that poisoned pill, i.e, Trump, and failing to spit it up before it kills them.

They loathe Trump and everybody who still supports them.

And I’m glad, sure. They have been perhaps more impassioned than Democrats but they have so much more to yell about. Their principles have been betrayed and there’s nothing more enraging, more conducive to expressions of agony and vengeance than betrayal.

I do continue to wonder what it was about the GOP that won their allegiance in the first place, because I’ve never found anything attractive or intelligent about the GOP’s simplistic and condescending notions of governance.

But still I’m glad they are there, raking Trumpery over the coals every day.

Yet, speaking of betrayal, there is something in almost all of them that betrays their origins. If you listen carefully, you’ll notice after they have excoriated the Trumpery for a certain deserved amount of time, a little lever in their structure flips and suddenly they’re criticizing the Democrats and the Democratic Party for failing to…

Failing to do what?

The reality is, we have only one genuine party governing. The failure is entirely with the party which is doing nothing except flailing around like two-year-olds, screaming “NO!”

I think criticizing Democrats is the knee-jerk conservative response to the disaster they are facing. Not only is the party they belonged to dying by suicide, so must all their sustaining beliefs be dying. Even the recovering conservatives who think and talk well on their feet seem not to be able to face this reality and answer the key question: what will they be and believe when this is all over?

Your party is dying, folks. It is not the Democrats’ fault.

BTW, you progressives who slam Chuck Schumer for failing to bring bills you want enacted up for a vote? As Nancy Pelosi has shown us, the crucial skill in being a leader is knowing how to count. There is no point in Schumer calling for a vote he knows he can’t win. He didn’t invent the filibuster and he does not have the votes to kill it.

If you want bills enacted, stop doing what recovering conservatives do, which is blame Democrats. Instead, vote against the Republicans who are unable to govern.


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