Huge jury verdict in NYPD shooting lawsuit

City Weighs Its Response to $25.2M Shooting Verdict

Andrew Denney, New York Law Journal    |

The City of New York has yet to determine whether it will appeal a Brooklyn jury’s $25.2 million award to a man who was left paralyzed after he was shot during a 2009 arrest by a New York police sergeant.

It’s a huge verdict. I’ve written about huge jury verdicts before, and pointed out that the defendant — the City of New York, in this case — has the right to appeal and when verdicts are really big, they do appeal. An appeal can take quite a while to resolve itself.

The way it can work is: the victim and his lawyers sit down with the City’s lawyers and negotiate a post-verdict settlement, rather than waiting for years until the Appellate Division comes up with a decision which could be to reduce the verdict amount substantially.

So again and always, here’s the question: how much money equates with justice in the mind of a plaintiff?

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