“Hulk Hogan Exudes Calm on Second Day of Sex Tape Case”

I give you this–not because my big celebrity crush, Bubba The Love Sponge Clem, is intimately (that’s a pun) involved in this case (search herein for Bubba and/or Hulk and you’ll see my intermittent series about what is now being called a really, really important First Amendment case involving an awful lot, such as privacy)–but…

Because the above is the New York Times headline. And I just love it. And I have an image of the person who wrote that head, with lips pursed, swallowing giggles. “Exudes calm…”

The retired wrestler, legally Terry Bollea, was subdued during testimony in his suit against Gawker over its posting of a secretly recorded video.

Source: Hulk Hogan Exudes Calm on Second Day of Sex Tape Case – The New York Times

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