Hurricanes, climate change and Kavanaugh

All within this killer paragraph, from Harper’s Weekly Report:

Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 storm, hit the Florida Panhandle and, with 155-mile-per-hour winds, killed at least 18 people in the Southeastern states; washed entire buildings away with a single wave in Mexico Beach, Florida; left more than a million without power in six states; and caused damages estimated at upwards of $4.5 billion in Florida. “Pretty much just like the apocalypse had happened,” said a Florida resident; “It was like everybody’s been saying, like a bomb went off,” said another; “When is anybody coming to do something?” asked a woman who was giving herself insulin shots in the back of her car. “Not today,” said Bill Shine, the White House communications director, in response to reporter’s request for comment from President Donald Trump on a UN report that reiterated that, even under a conservative estimate of warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040, the Earth will suffer millions of deaths caused by the effects of climate change, “It’s a Kavanaugh night.”

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