I am gobsmacked at a “like” on Twitter

Here’s what happened:

Someone tweeted about how to encourage people to vote: give us all a holiday from work, from school, and give them a pizza party.

I really like the holiday thing and replied to the pizza party idea, saying that if, like me, you vote in a public school, the kids lay out on tables in the hall a bake sale, with cookies, cakes, cupcakes with sprinkles, cupcakes without sprinkles — all sorts of yummies. So, having voted, my treat is at least one $1 cupcake which I munch on the way out of school.

OK, brace yourselves: I was just “liked” by…………….Kourtney Kardashian. The real one, her picture was there.

Yes, tis true, previously I have been “followed” (that’s even better than being “liked”) by Robert Downey, Jr. and Lee Harvey Oswald but…a Kardashian?

I don’t know how to feel or think about this. Give me an evening. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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