I am now associated with a cult

Not the cult currently dominating our awareness, no.

Another one. And here’s how I was hooked:

A half hour ago, I was standing in front of Citarella’s second floor cheese cases in search of (1) a hard grating cheese for pasta and (2) a soft cheese to be spread on bread for lunch.

When I look at cheeses, I dally. The cheese lady behind the cases gently offered assistance, if I required it. I thanked her but dallied further until I noticed a cheese named Délice de Bourgogne. Insofar as cheese can look soft or hard, it seemed soft, so I asked her about it.

“Ah,” she said. “It’s so wonderful it’s…” she lowered her voice…”become a cult.”

This excited me. I said, “I’ve never belonged to a cult but lately I’ve wondered why people get involved and what it feels like.” She said that the Trump cult would have to be de-programmed en masse, but offered no remedy for this cheese cult.

As she handed me my squooshy small piece of cult, she invited me to return to tell her what I thought. I promised I would.

When I got home, I spread some on a bland cracker; ate it; am inculcated.

P.S. The hard grating cheese I bought is Fiore di Sardegna.




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